2011 Jewish Studies Undergraduate Research Awards

JSUGRA photoIt is with great enthusiasm that the Center for Jewish Studies announces that the following undergraduates have received Jewish Studies Undergraduate Research Awards for the 2010-2011 year:

Zachary Ragent, “Providence and Personality: How and Why the Lubavitchers of the Chabad Student Center Experience Santa Cruz”

Nathan Brown, “By the Rivers of Babylon: The Near Eastern Background and Its Influence on the Power Structures of Ancient Egypt and Judah”

Savyonne Steindler, “The Message of Unity in Saving the Lost Tribe and its Relationship to the Trauma of Absorption for Ethiopian Jews”

Joshua Hungerford, “Functions of Languages in Henry Roth’s Call It Sleep”

Tal Harari, “Homogenization Involved in Transgenerational Trauma”

Leah Pickar, “A Natural Connection: Discovering My Identity Through My Matriarchal Lineage”

Please join us in extending our hearty congratulations to these students.

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