Conflict and Compassion Speaker Series: Perspectives on Israel/Palestine

Presented by Cowell College


Fall Quarter 2014 | 6:00-7:45 PM | Free & Open to the Public
Merrill Academy 102, UC Santa Cruz
Directions and Parking Information (PDF)

Conflict and Compassion Lecture Series flyer

October 7: Christine King (Kresge College, UC Santa Cruz).
“Making Peace with Conflict”

October 14: Dr. Jennifer Derr (History Department, UC Santa Cruz)
“The History of Palestine: From Colonialism to Occupation”

October 21: Dr. Bruce Thompson (History and Jewish Studies, UC Santa Cruz)
“The History of Zionism: From Hertzl to Ben-Gurion”

October 28: Jean-Jacques Surbeck (Executive Director of Training and Education about the Middle East)
“Israel and the World, a Unique Lesson in Double Standards”

November 4: Hatam Bazian (Near Eastern Studies and Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley)
“Palestine, Islamophobia and Global Dispossession”

November 13: Stephen Zunes (Politics and International Studies, University of San Francisco)
“Israel, Palestine, and the United States: The Failure of Governments and the Hope from Civil Society”

November 18: Eran Kaplan (Chair Israel Studies, San Francisco State University)
“Changes in Israel society and the Peace Process”

November 25: Lee Ross (Psychology, Stanford University) and Byron Bland (Stanford Law School)
“Barriers for Peace”

December 2: Aaron Hahn Tapper (Peace and Justice Studies, University of San Francisco) and Tom Pettigrew (Psychology, UC Santa Cruz)
“Contact, Intergroup dialogue and the Question of Normalization”

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