Principal Faculty

Bettina ApthekerBettina Aptheker, Professor of Feminist Studies
Feminist oral history and memoir; feminist pedagogy; African-American feminist history; queer studies; feminist Jewish studies; feminist critical race studies

Dorian BellDorian Bell, Associate Professor of Literature
Nineteenth- and 20th-century French literature and intellectual history; histories of empire and anti-Semitism; literature and science; film studies; digital humanities

Mark CiocMark Cioc, Professor of History
German history, modern European history; environmental history

Nathaniel DeutschNathaniel Deutsch, Professor of History
Director of the Institute for Humanities Research, Director of the Center for Jewish Studies, Director of Jewish Studies, Neufeld-Levin Chair.
Modern Jewish history; Eastern European Jewish culture; ethnography, Hasidism; history of religions

Alma HeckmanAlma Heckman, Assistant Professor of History
Modern Jewish history; North Africa and the Middle East; labor history; transnational Jewish political activism; colonialism; nationalism; syncretism

male no photoDan Selden, Professor of Literature
Research on Classical and Hellenistic Judaism and medieval Jewish mysticism

Bruce ThompsonBruce Thompson, Continuing Lecturer in History, and Associate Director of the Center for Jewish Studies
European intellectual and cultural history, French history, Jewish intellectual and cultural history, British and Irish history, history of cinema, history of espionage, environmental history

Affiliated Faculty

Raoul BurnhamRaoul Birnbaum, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Buddhist studies, especially Chinese practices from medieval times to the present; religion and visual culture in China

Hunter BivensA. Hunter Bivens, Associate Professor of Literature
Twentieth- and 21st-century German literature and film; Marxism and critical theory; psychoanalysis; lyric poetry; literary realism; the novel

female no photoLoisa Nygaard, Associate Professor of Literature
Eighteenth- and early 19th-century German literature; Goethe; Romantic fiction; landscape and landscape aesthetics; xenophobia in Germany

Paul RothPaul Roth, Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of social science, Quine, philosophy of history, philosophy and sociology of science, epistemology, history of analytic philosophy

Faculty Emeriti

Murray BaumgartenMurray Baumgarten, Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature
Dickens; Victorian literature and culture; the Bible; translation; modern Jewish writing; the Holocaust; Venice, the Ghetto of Venice, Italian Jews, Italian Culture

female no photoMargaret Brose, Emerita Professor of Literature
Italian literature; 19th- and 20th-century poetry and poetics; the novel; Romanticism; medieval literature; gender studies; autobiography

Barbara EpsteinBarbara Epstein, Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness
Social movements and theories of social movements; twentieth-century U.S. politics and culture; Marxism and related theories of social change

male no photoRobert Goff, Associate Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Gildas HamelGildas Hamel, Lecturer Emeritus in History and Classical Languages
History of ancient Israel, Hellenistic and Roman Judaea, early Christianity

female no photoMargo Hendricks, Professor Emerita of Literature
Early modern English literature and culture; theories and discourses of race, gender, drama, and theory; women playwrights; pre- and early modern studies

Peter KenezPeter Kenez, Professor Emeritus of History
Russian history, Eastern Europe, 20th-century Europe, Soviet film