Film Screening: Kinderblock 66

Film Screening and Discussion with Professor Kenneth Waltzer


Monday, May 22, 2014 | 6-8 PM | Free & Open to the Public
College 8, Room 240 UC Santa Cruz
Questions? or (831) 459-5655.


016.038 imageCinderblock 66: Return to Buchenwald is the story of four men who, as young boys, were imprisoned by the Nazis in the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp and who, sixty-five years later, return to commemorate the sixty-fifth anniversary of their liberation. The film tells the story of the effort undertaken by the camp’s Communist-led underground to protect ad save Jewish children who were arriving in Buchenwald toward the end of the Holocaust. Kinderblock 66 also tells the story of Antonin Kalina, the head of the block who was personally responsible for saving 904 boys in Buchenwald.

Professor Kenneth Waltzer is currently director of the Jewish studies program at Michigan State University.  His interests cover American social and political history, including urban, labor, and minority history, immigration and social relations in the United States and elsewhere, and modern Jewish history, including the study of anti-Semitism and of the Holocaust. His major current project is a book on The Rescue of Children and Youths at Buchenwald. His research on the Buchenwald concentration camp has focused on the rescue of children and youths inside the camp and has included some notable findings.

Sponsored by UCSC Center for Jewish Studies and Neufeld-Levin Endowed Chair in Holocaust Studies.

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