Digital Jewish Studies Initiative

The Center for Jewish Studies has launched an ambitious new Digital Jewish Studies initiative that will support new courses and project development. This initiative encourages student engagement in the geographic, linguistic, and cultural diversity of the Jewish people through digital tools and methodologies that affords new modes of visualizing the relationships between Jewish communities across continents and oceans.

As part of this new initiative, two new courses will be offered by Jewish Studies: The Holocaust in the Digital Age and the History of Zionism. Digital components will also be built into other Jewish studies classes.

Holocaust in the Digital Age will be taught in Spring 2016 by Rachel Deblinger
The course will explore a variety of forms including films, television shows, video testimony, online databases and repositories, museum exhibits, memorial websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter as representational texts. Students will develop a critical understanding of digital representations of the Holocaust and new skills to engage with knowledge about the Holocaust through digital tools.

History of Zionism will be taught in 2016 – 2017 by Nathaniel Deutsch
Development for this new course will include the creation of digital modules to be used at UCSC and by other instructors across the country and around the world. The modules will facilitate new approaches to teaching the history of Zionism by creating content that considers Zionist ideas in the context of 19th Century Europe. A website created to host these Open Access modules will also serve as an online forum where instructors can post thoughts on teaching the topic, activities used in class, and post texts used to explore new approaches to this history.

The Helen Diller Family Endowment Distinguished Lecture in Jewish Studies

Every year we honor Helen Diller, whose generous endowment continues to provide crucial support to Jewish Studies at UC Santa Cruz, by hosting a public lecture series on campus by an internationally recognized scholar.

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Jewish Studies Undergraduate Research Awards

Jewish Studies Undergraduate Research Awards support undergraduate research and writing on Jewish themes that represent distinguished examples of undergraduate scholarship in the field of Jewish Studies.

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