Announcing Summer 2018 Diarna Fellows

Congratulations to this year’s Diarna Fellows!


2018 FellowMichelle Abraamian, Senior
Major/Concentration: History, Americas and Africa
Most Excited to: learn about digital mapping technologies and historical discoveries through geography relevant to modern issues.




Madeline Maria Carpou, JuniorDiarna Fellow
Major/Concentration: History
Most excited to: get some hands-on experience in researching historical subjects, and also to engage more in this particular field of study.




Jessica Ramon, Alumni2018 Fellow
Major/Concentration: History (Concentration Africa and the Americas)
Most excited to: source achives, research locations and/or translate documents. I am very thankful for this opportunity.





Maddy Turner: Senior2018 Fellow
Major/Concentration: History
Most excited to: I study history for the sheer love of preserving and recalling our past. I hope my contributions to Diarna will help produce a more complete understanding of the people who came before us.



Diarna fellows use digital mapping and database technologies to virtually preserve and ensure unimpeded access to endangered Jewish heritage sites across North Africa and the Middle East. To learn more visit:

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