Peter Kenez: “The Holocaust and Modern Antisemitism”

Saturday, April 17
4:00 PM — 5:00 PM
Humanities 1, Room 210

Professor Peter Kenez will discuss the recent book Varieties of Antisemitism: History, Ideology, Discourse edited by Kenez and two of his UCSC colleagues, Professors Baumgarten and Thompson.

Music of Modern Israel

Avi Tchamni: Music of Modern Israel Course

The development of art and popular music in Israel, the complexity of national identity inherent in the study of immigrant and refugee societies, and the power struggle between the different forces involved in the process: the state and its institutions, the people, and the outside world.

Jim Joseph Foundation

Jim Joseph Teaching Fellowship

The Center for Jewish Studies is pleased to announce that following a national competition, it has received a grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation to fund a two-year long teaching fellowship in Jewish studies.

Luboml Townspeople

Shtetl Santa Cruz

For hundreds of years, the shtetls of Eastern Europe were home to much of the world’s Jewish population. Today, most American Jews can trace at least some of their ancestors to a shtetl. But what exactly was a shtetl? Who lived there? How did women and men experience the shtetl differently?