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The Jewish Studies Major and Minor

Jewish Studies at UC Santa Cruz is an intellectually compelling, interdisciplinary program that offers students a broad range of courses in Jewish culture, especially its literature, art, and history, as well as its ethics, folk practices, and philosophy. UCSC is one of the very few campuses in California where undergraduates have the opportunity to major in Jewish Studies. Inaugurated in 2010, this interdisciplinary major makes it possible to achieve an extraordinary depth and breadth of learning about Jewish history and culture.

Our program focuses on the modern era, and explores the profound impact of modernization on traditional Jewish life and, concomitantly, the critical role played by Jews on the formation of modernity. The courses in our program encompass the range of modern Jewish Studies, including Eastern European Jewish life, modern Jewish thought, contemporary Israel, the Holocaust, American Jewish culture, as well as modern Hebrew and Yiddish language and literature.

Our curriculum is enriched by conferences and lectures that bring the best Jewish studies scholars in the world to campus to share their work and participate in the intellectual life of the university.

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